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RailClone Pro v2.2.0 Beta for 3ds Max users

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RailClone, a 3DS Max plugin with which the 3ds max users can apply it for parametric modeling with custom geometry parts, perceptible by the user, and a series of construction rules.

The plugin is mostly used for creating multifaceted and pragmatic structures for Architectural Visualization, Industrial and Interior Design & Civil Engineering.

The software consists of a complete library of 280 predefined styles along with Fences, Railings, Barriers, Traffic, Walls, and other models. The users can apply different kinds of geometry within the scene and characterize their own parametric models.

RailClone also contains a graphical Style Editor that facilitates users to produce complicated structures, classifying the pieces, generators, and construction rules as well as randomize elements, include conditionals, identify parameters and lots more.

RailClone empowers users for generating enormous parametric objects involving numerous detailed parts through its Points-cloud view mode and the native geometry shaders for Mental Ray and VRay.

The users can make a consistent object with bending on curves, length slicing, bevels and other transformations. Just classify the construction rules, RailClone acclimatizes the related segments automatically.

Download RailClone Lite, the free version of the plugin for any individual and commercial projects.

The latest version is RailClone Pro v2.2.0 Beta.

RailClone Pro is compatible with Max 9 to 2014 and costs €190. A demo version is available here.

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RailClone Pro v2.2.0 Beta for 3ds Max users