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Trimble unveils the latest Field Points Software for Building Construction Contractors

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Trimble recently launched the new TrimbleĀ® Field Points software useful for construction field layout. This newly launched software will facilitate building construction contractors or engineers to produce layout points in their computer-aided design (CAD) models & BIM models. Trimble Field Points can be applied to instantly and precisely match the digital design on the jobsite and thus assist field crews to enhance their productivity. This can result in minimizing inaccuracies relative to manual progression as well as perfect set up of systems and equipment in field layout work.

Trimble Field Points offers fluid formation of field points for a large amount of construction applications ranging from anchor bolt locations, curtain wall attachments and hanger or sleeve locations through trouble-free, intuitive point creation workflows. Users will be able to import field point data into the Trimble Field Points software, whereas remaining inside their favorite design platform, to support with their QA/QC workflows for comparison in the model.

Thus involving digital model to the field will enhance the application of BIM practices for savings in cost and project data collaboration. The software can be incorporated with diversified BIM tools.

Adding up further value, data from Trimble Field Points can be combined directly with Trimble Field Link construction layout software. When these two products are attached with Trimble Robotic Total Stations, they offer a superior building construction positioning system, facilitating users to effortlessly outline their construction projects with task-based, metric-rich workflows.

Trimble Field Points is anticipated to be launched in the first quarter of 2014 through Trimble's Authorized Distributors of layout solutions from Trimble Buildings' MEP and General Contractor / Construction Manager Divisions.

Trimble unveils the latest Field Points Software for Building Construction Contractors