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Foundry introduced Nuke 8 for 3D professionals

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Foundry, the most recognized developer of various computer graphics and visual effects (VFX) software for artists, designers and creative professionals, recently released the latest version of its’ intuitive node supported compositor, NUKE 8.

NUKE 8 comes up with numerous advanced features which range from the latest dope sheet facilitating artists to view and shift keys toward a timeline style view. A most updated text node allowing artists to compile, edit and animate directly in the viewer.

Significant enhancement with NUKE’s grading and color correction tools which involve a new exclusive in-panel color wheel to deal with hue, saturation and value. With Scope tools the users will be able to evaluate the picture similar to Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram viewers and a pixel analyser.

The grading capacities are also improved with improved Match grade node. Match grade node empowers the users to match the perfect color essential in a commercial project.

Now updated Camera tracker is included with the set which allow artists to track and solve cameras from reference stills resulting object or set modelling inside an incorported environment. The Model Builder consists of UV creation for performing superior 3D control.

The intuitive 3D tools contain Viewer Capture facilitating the users to flipbook pictures from the 2D and 3D Viewer, as well as a new Edit Geo node, a Particle Cache node to increase the rendering times and the Wireframe Shader node for diversified visual effects and enhanced control over projection mapping.

By the inclusion of OpenEXR 2.0 multi-part image read and write support, the speed and performance in general are increased to a great extent.

NUKE 8 brings lots of benefits to the developers. By applying the new Blink Script node, they can now write their personal image processing operations within NUKE. With Import NUKE function, they can utilize it as a module in any Python interpreter. New Planar Rendering Framework will allow C++ plugin developers to provide planar data efficiently.

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Foundry introduced Nuke 8 for 3D professionals