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Thinkbox Software introduced Krakatoa MY 2.3 for Autodesk Maya

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Thinkbox Software has just released Krakatoa MY 2.3, the most updated version of its superior particle renderer for Autodesk Maya containing significant enhancement like a sensitive Magma node-based toolkit for channelling particles.

CPU-supported and multi-threaded, Krakatoa comes up with a pipeline for obtaining, caching, converting, altering, shading and rendering unlimited particles at exceptional speeds and helps users to get rid of the issues related to the memory and system limitations of host applications.

Krakatoa facilitates the 3D artists to generate normal computer generated (CG) phenomena varying from dust, smoke, silt, ocean surface foam and plasma, abstract images or solid objects, despite the fact that it is able to envisage LIDAR and particle datasets in architecture, engineering and construction.

Krakatoa MY 2.3 contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Full Magma Support: Procedurally adjust particle data in Krakatoa.
  • Higher Particle Counts: Allocated .PRT partitioning over Deadline enhances the particle counts of Maya particle systems.
  • PRT Surfacing: Produce particles on the surface of geometry.
  • Advanced Shadowing: Transmit shadows from Krakatoa particles onto geometry in 3rd party renderers, along with Chaos Group's V-Ray and NVIDIA's mental ray.
  • KRAKATOA MY read DTEX maps for shadow casting and mattes

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Thinkbox Software introduced Krakatoa MY 2.3 for Autodesk Maya