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A download option is included in sketchfab to download over 200K 3D files

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Sketchfab has made a crucial upgrade by providing the option to arrange your files accessible for download. So this feature allows the users to publish and embed a 3D file easily and smoothly. Besides, the user can discover and make use of 3D content for 3D printing, creating video games or VR experiments as well as distributing and collaborating secretly on 3D designs. Now the users will be able to publish 3D content for demonstrate only, or for exhibit and download under Creative Commons licenses.

Sketchfab is going to present the first downloadable 3D collection of The British Museum, with heritage sites from CyArk.

HTC is introducing its 3D printable phone case first time, for the HTC One M8, and it will be accessible on Sketchfab, downloadable straight from any Sketchfab 3D embed, and also printable at 3D Hubs nearby.

A collection of downloadable models are available on Sketchfab which are printable through its 3D Builder app, obtainable in the Windows Store. Formlabs now offers a dedicated Sketchfab gallery, with content crowd sourced from its users. One can also find works from The renowned fashion designer Francis Bitonti, the designer of first ever 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese, has uploaded his projects in sketchfab.

This launch is supported with another significant update. There are over 200,000 3D files uploaded on the platform till now which will transform sketchfab as a biggest hub of 3D content, as well as the most secured platform to circulate and embed interactive 3D models.

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A download option is included in sketchfab to download over 200K 3D files