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An exclusive ebook on 200 Software Project Ideas and Tips

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Martyr2, a programmer for over 16 years, has written an exclusive ebook alias “The Programmers Idea Book”. The book contains project ideas concerning 200 software as well as several useful tips to build up them.

An exclusive ebook on 200 Software Project Ideas and Tips

This latest ebook is comprised of programming project ideas together with each project idea focusing a difficulty level (from 1 – 10), brief explanation of the project, professional tips highlighting how to get ideas for handling the project in a general non-platform specific way and propositions for completing the project in a more superior way.

The book contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Various project ideas supported with individual language ide games, web, multimedia, network applications and more.
  • All ideas include supplementary feature ideas to transform any applications to the next level as well perform more multifaceted skills.
  • Professional tips regarding how to deal with each project idea and where to start from.
  • Lots of the ideas also attribute links to source material to guide the users to research the project prior to set up.
  • PDF formatted for maximum flexibility across various appliances which range from desktop, laptop, tablet.
  • 200 programming project ideas for all skill levels.
  • 10 diverse project categories.
  • More than 100 pages of project ideas.
  • Projects for various programming language (platform independent).
  • Some easy to use Programs.

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