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Carbon Scatter 2015 for 3ds max, maya and Cinema4D

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Carbon Scatter contains high-speed population algorithms that can produce more than 1 million instances per second. It can generate wind-swept forests or animated crowds as well as render them directly within 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D.

Carbon Scatter 2015 contains the following unique features:-

  • Perform rendering of unlimited polygons effortlessly through lightning fast instancing
  • Switch to native instances for rendering devoid of Carbon Scatter
  • Well versed with any renderer like GPU path-tracers (Octane, VRayRT, ...)
  • Populate numerous instances per second!
  • Apply PlantFactory models and convert them with the Plant Editor
  • Interactive population - Carbon Scatter repopulates instantly if any modification occurs with the setting
  • Add/modify instances by the mouse via jitter, raise, repel, attract, lean... brushes

  • Populate in all directions around objects
  • Animate instances (including wind in plants) with complete de-phasing control
  • Manage placement, height, size, orientation... by means of bitmaps or procedural graphs
  • Make populations with several layers and manage how they manipulate each other
  • Scatter inside/along curves, stack instances (e.g. to create piles of rubble on a path)
  • Dispatches in excess of 100 3D plant species (with variations!) and 130+ billboard trees

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Carbon Scatter 2015 for 3ds max, maya and Cinema4D