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Expertise with UVW mapping tools inside 3ds max – An exclusive video tutorial by Joel Bradley

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Joel Bradley, the renowned author, has presented an online video course for 3ds max users. This exclusive course on 3ds max focuses on how to become expert with UVW mapping tools inside 3ds max. UVW mapping tools insides 3ds max are used to provide a mathematical, coordinate-based approach to mapping 2D textures to asymmetrical 3D objects.

Initially Joel explains the fundamental of UVW mapping tools which cover describing UVW space and coordinates as well as setting up the UVW Map modifier, ideal for utilizing map coordinates and regulating map placement.

After that Joel explains the source wrapping options in the bitmap and procedural map nodes, and at the differences while going to map static and animated meshes. In chapter three, there will be discussion on the powerful Unwrap UVW modifier and its selection, peel, and pelt-mapping tools. At the end of the course, Joel presents a brief demonstration of the options in the Edit UVW window.

Course Topics at a glance:-

  • Definition of UVW coordinates
  • Discussion on UVW space
  • How to produce coordinates automatically
  • How to apply map channels
  • How to deal with the World XYZ and Object XYZ systems
  • Peel and pelt mapping
  • How to restructure UV elements
  • Relaxing UVs
  • Rendering out a UV template

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Expertise with UVW mapping tools inside 3ds max