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Integration between Microsoft HoloLens & Autodesk Maya

3d Model

The most exciting news in this era for design professionals is that Microsoft declared in the 2015 Worldwide Partner Conference about the consolidation of HoloLens with Autodesk Maya, an exclusive 3d animation software.

By integrating HoloLens with Maya’s 3d modeling capability, it becomes possible for design professionals to radically modify the process for generating, transmitting & visualizing 3d design.

The design professionals will get the ability to deal with a project in Maya on their desktop computer through a customary mouse and keyboard and at the same time produce a pragmatic 3D rendering of the model, as illustrated by Microsoft. This feature will facilitate your co-workers to get a clear idea on your working process. The changes will also be reflected on the 3D model while you perform your work.

You can also demonstrate your 3D models onto a real-world object to view it in real time.

Integration between Microsoft HoloLens & Autodesk Maya