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Inventery Inc just released Morphi Version 2 for iOS 8.0 for touch screen based 3d modeling

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Inventery Inc has introduced Morphi Version 2 for iOS 8.0. Morphi is mobile based touchscreen 3d modeling app that can be used to maneuver 3D models by a finger or two on an iPad Mini or iPad.

This newest version contains some advanced features as follow:-

  • Ability to upload 3d models to Thingiverse instantly & easily by just log into your inside the app.
  • Grid customization for 3D printers – The settings for various 3D printers are predefined and accessible inside Morphi. Just choose the right printer and the exact grid will be ready for your creation.
  • Draw – By using the option to mirror your creation, one can effortlessly sketch with the touch of a finger and convert any 2d drawing into a 3d model quickly. Clipboard – An integrated Copy & Paste feature is now available.
  • Superior Alignment – One can align objects smoothly inside a model.
  • Better Rotation – There are several new tools which facilitate object rotation on the basis of preferred angle.

  • Merge and Group – The process for Merging and grouping two or more objects has been simplified.
  • Improved Ruler – Perform accurate modeling with measurements to the numerous of an inch.
  • Simple Snap to Grid & Lost button – These exist extra features which make the design and modeling process more simple.

The iPad and iPad Mini users can download Morphi application at free of cost with added options for in-app purchases. An Android version is in beta stage and will be available soon.

Morphi Version 2 for iOS 8.0 for touch screen based 3d modeling

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