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Plugins for 3ds max 2014

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This is actually some set of plugins for 3ds max for designers and 3D artists help.

The 3ds max is one of the authoritative, strong and influential 3d packages with lots of great activities of modeling, animation, particles-dynamics and more.

However, not everybody is capable of exploiting every feature of max proficiently, for example, many people find max particle flow is too tricky to use and same with 3ds max skinning tools.

Thanks to all tool developers and firms who have developed some breathtaking and very useful plugins that can be used as a different choice to 3ds max native tools. Here are some best plugins that be able to help the designers to get better the output quality bring rapidity to the workflow.

Vue xStream: Vue xStream is one of the most popular tools for creating rich and realistic natural environments.It’s an ultimate pack for digital-matte painters, architects and 3d environment artists.

Krakatoa: Karkatoa is a volumetric particle rendering, manipulation and management toolkit developed by Thinkbox Software. Krakatoa uses a unique particle partitioning method to speed up the process. Krakatoa has been used in lots of popular projects like Superman Returns, The Avengers, Avatar and Thor.

Rayfire: Rayfire is an ideal tool for creating fragmented geometries, destructions and break downs.It supports animated voxelization, clusters, animated cracks, image tracking and tons of great features.

Wrapit 1.5: Wrapit is a great tool for retopolizing high res mesh to create a low density, clean mesh.It is available only for 3ds max 2009-2012 versions.

Dreamscape: Dreamscape is yet another great tool to create realistic landscapes including natural elements like mountains, sea, clouds and many more.

MultiScatte: MultiScatter is an awesome scattering tool with a great set of features. It handles the file size in more better and smarter way than max so the user don’t have to worry about the file size while working on heavy scenes.

Afterburn 4.1.3: Afterburn is a volumetric effects that allows user to create some stunning effects like explosions, smoke, fire and dust. This plugin has been used in many cinematic productions like Flight of the Phoenix, Armageddon and Dracula.

Realflow: Realflow is an award winning plugin considered as an Industry standard, basically used for simulating fluids. It is easy to use and has a good compatibility with almost all major 3d platforms. It can be used for both large scale and small scale fluid simulations.

RailClone Lite: It is a must use tool for those who mostly work with building and architectures like architects and Interior designers. RailClone is multi-threaded and highly optimized for faster performance so you don’t have to worry about speed.

MadCar 3: MadCar is a great tool to create great vehicle rigs for cars, bikes, trucks or any wheeled vehicle. Mad car provides user a control over each wheel and suspension to achieve a realistic and believable moving vehicle.

Bones Pro: Skinning is one of the most important and difficult process at the same time. Bad skinning and deformations can easily take away all the charm of your character. Bones Pro is an awesome tool that makes the skinning process better and easy.

Cebas Thinking Particles 5: Thinking Particles is a particle simulator which offers non-linear particle dynamics. It is an ultimate pack for creating rigid-soft bodies, vehicle simulations, vertex particles, fragments and many more.

Plugins for 3ds max 2014