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Punch Software ViaCAD 2D/3D Version 6

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Significant upgrade relative to the inaugural release of ViaCAD V5.0.0 with over one hundred documented changes Gradient & Image Backgrounds - The preference dialog box now provides features to specify two and four color gradients. You can also specify a JPEG or BMP file as a background Color Per Face - Users can now apply colors per face.

Punch Software ViaCAD 2D/3D Version 6

  • 3D Modeling Update - Was updated providing improvements to blending, chamfering, shelling, booleans, and direct face editing.
  • 0Architectural Tools - 2D architectural tools provide fast drafting tools for creating walls, windows, and doors. Features associated with these tools include - Automatic healing with neighboring walls; Auto-dimensions; Attach doors, windows, and custom symbols; Support for customer wall styles (user patterns & colors for multiple material regions).
  • Performance Boosts - Significant boosts in visualization including - 200X Faster Hidden Line; 6X Faster Dynamic Repaints (Mac & PC); 2X Faster Static Repaints; Level of Detail for even faster performance.
  • 3D connexion Support - The SpaceNavigator device drivers are now recognized by ViaCAD. This includes support for Mac OSX (Universal Binary), Windows XP, and Vista. Use the SpaceNavigator to dynamically zoom, rotate, and pan views into your data models.
  • Multiple Viewports - Viewports provide a graphical user interface to display the same drawing in multiple views. Each view may have a different orientation, which provides the ability to see an object simultaneously in isometric, side, front, and top views.

Author: Punch Software

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