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Learn the fundamentals of UVW unwrapping in 3ds Max

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Denis Keman presents the fundamentals of UVW unwrapping in 3ds Max. This process is demonstrated in 3 individual youtube video.

In first part, the demonstration is given for unwrapping a box, rectangle and a cylinder which will improve your knowledge on the Unfold and Flatten Mapping. Besides, you can learn how to deal with the UVW Unwrap modifier.

In second part, you will familiar with unwrapping a Cone and a Torus (alias Doughnut). By applying these two models, you can sharpen your knowledge with Stitching and Breaking of UV islands as well as Pelt Mapping.

In third part, you can learn the unwrapping of a Sphere, Geo Sphere and a modified Teapot. This will help you in improving your knowledge regarding the Quick Peel option and the Point to Point seams cutting. With the modified teapot you can try and apply everything you learn in these videos and get the teapot unwrapped.

UVW unwrapping in 3ds Max